No driving license back yet for businessman driver who led high-speed chase through Naas

The application was heard in Naas Circuit Court

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Leader reporter


Naas judge refuses to restore license to businessman driver who led high-speed chase through town

Naas courthouse

Gardai have objected to the immediate restoration of a driving licence to a 44-year-old businessman who had been convicted of dangerous driving through Naas.

After listening to their concern at Naas Circuit Court on Friday, July 20, Judge Eoin Garavan opted to grant the licence back to the man on June 1, 2019, but not before that date.

Tim Kennelly, solicitor, had applied for the restoration of the licence of Daniel Taylor, with an address at Brownstown, Kilcloon, Meath.

Mr Taylor, who runs the MCR Group, was convicted on three counts of dangerous driving following an incident on Saturday night, June 28, 2014.

Garda Kieran O’Keefe said a nine month jail sentence was imposed along with a 10-year driving ban.

Mr Taylor appealed the District Court decision, and Naas Circuit Court reduced the penalty to a four year driving ban with no jail sentence. Mr Taylor had, however, paid €8,000 to charity as a donation, as agreed by the Circuit Court.

Garda O’Keefe said the four year ban period started on October 1, 2015. He said the incident was very serious.

Around 10.15 pm on the night in question, Mr Taylor drove on the wrong side of the street and at 120 kph through the Main Street when pedestrians were in the area.

Garda O’Keefe followed the vehicle as it sped through Poplar Square and up the Dublin Road, where Mr Taylor drove on the wrong side of the road. It crashed at the back of the cinema.

Mr Taylor abandoned the car and fled on foot into a field. A member of the public ran after and caught Mr Taylor, who was then arrested.

Judge Garavan was told that part of the chase was caught on Naas town CCTV and he viewed the footage for a few minutes.

The judge asked if this had been played in the District Court and Circuit Court previously. Mr Kennelly said it was not.

Garda O’Keefe said Mr Taylor had pleaded guilty to the offences. The court was told that it was the night of the Derby at the Curragh.

Mr Taylor had two previous convictions, one for speeding and one for not having a back registration plate lit up, which was recorded at Athy District Court in 2006.

Making the restoration application, Mr Kennelly said that his client he had two- thirds of the ban period completed and was seeking the restoration of the licence.

He said Mr Taylor was going through a rough time at the time of the offences. 

He lived in the countryside and had to commute to Dublin city. He had to employ his brother-in-law to drive him to work for fourteen months. Mr Kennelly said Mr Taylor owned the MCR group, which was involved in security and cleaning, and was a big employer. His brother-in-law was employed by the company. Mr Taylor had three children aged under 16 and it was difficult not being able to drive them to activities.

Garda O’Keefe said the driving ban would end in October 2019, having started on October 14 2015. Mr Kennelly said Mr Taylor had now servied 32 of the 48 months.

Judge Garvan, noting that Mr Taylor might be able to afford to pay €8,000, said he would not restore the licence immediately. He said Mr Taylor could employ a driver and that the Circuit Court had been “generous” to Mr Taylor. He opted to restored it on June 1, 2019, four months before the end of the four year ban.