Kildare dad seeks court order after mother fails to return from Scotland with son

Judge noted that the mother may refuse to return to Ireland with the child

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Leader reporter


Kildare dad seeks court order after mother fails to return from Scotland with son

The case was heard in Athy District Court

A Kildare man, whose legal advisors the District Court that his partner and his child had gone to Scotland and have not returned to Ireland, has been given an order by the court to legally stop her from taking the child out of Ireland.

An in-camera family law sitting at Athy District Court on Tuesday, which is closed to the public and about which restricted reporting is allowed by the media, heard that the couple were in a relationship for four years.

They have a three and a half year old boy.

The man said his partner told him that she was going to Scotland for a holiday and that she would be returning. She then contacted him to say she would not be returning, but intended staying in Scotland with the child.

The man said she told him that she would return later this month to let him see the child. He also told the court that she was looking for €150 per week maintenance from him.

The man said that he had joint guardianship of the child.

That had been obtained following a process at Dolphin House in 2015.

Judge Desmond Zaidan ordered, in the woman's absence, that the man's legal advisors could serve a summons outside of the juridiction.

A successful application was made which would require her not to remove the child from Ireland. This would be subject to a full hearing of the case.

An order was made for that as well as an order for her to produce the child back in Ireland.

Judge Zaidan noted there was a risk the woman might not return with the child.