Horse worker jailed for 18 months for dangerous driving and other motoring offences near Kilcullen

Already banned from driving

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


Horse worker jailed for 18 months for dangerous driving and other motoring offences

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A man said to be very skilled with horses has been jailed following a series of road offences.

Anatoliy Timofyeyev (46), Fairy Hill, Templemore, Tipperary, was convicted of dangerous driving and other offences at Knockbounce, Kilcullen on July 11 2016.

Last Wednesday's court heard that at 2.25pm on the day in question, Gardai found him driving on the wrong side of the road. Judge Desmond Zaidan was told the Gardai had to take evasive action to avoid a collision.

A member of the public had phoned the Gardai and Mr Timofyeyev became aggressive after being arrested.

Tests showed he had a 278mg of alcohol blood reading. The Court was then told that he had 34 previous convictions and had been disqualified from driving for ten years at the time of the offence on July 11.

He had been convicted for drink driving on three occasions, and for failing to do alcohol tests on two occasions.

Eoin O'Connor, solicitor, representing the defendant, said his client was a completely different person when he touched vodka. He worked with John Ryan in Tipperary and was “brilliant with horses” according to Mr O'Connor.

Fr Shane Casey gave evidence on oath that he was involved in an alcohol unit and was working with Mr Timofyeyev to help him.

Mr O'Connor said his client, who had a 20 year old daughter in Russia, had been a Russian soldier and had to work through some issues because of that. Judge Zaidan said there was a need for a special institution in Ireland where the Courts could send someone like Mr Timofyeyev, instead of jail, but he said he had to protect the public. He gave him a total of 18 months in jail on the drink driving, dangerous driving and no insurance charges. He also disqualified him from driving for twelve years.