Upcoming St Brigid's Way pilgrimage to Kildare is 'Irish Camino' for devotees

Walk to Kildare to start on July 1

Paula Campbell


Paula Campbell



Upcoming St Brigid's Way pilgrimage to Kildare is 'Irish Camino' for devotees

Pilgrims arriving at the Square in Kildare town last year. Photo: Tony Keane

The St Brigid’s Way walk, a nine day pilgrimage for devotees of St Brigid will begin on July 1.

The walk begins in Co Louth and finishes each year at St Brigid’s Well in Kildare town.

Participants can take part in all of the nine days, or they can pick and choose .

The Kildare route takes part over the last two days of the walk, from Donadea, via Ballinafagh Lake over to Robertstown, Kilmeague and the Hill of Allen and then in towards Kildare town, where weary feet will be bathed in St Brigid’s Well.

Dubbed the ‘Irish Camino’ the pilgrimage is now in its fourth year and was launched in 2013 as part of the Brigidine Sisters’ Feile Bride festival.

Dolores Whelan and Karen Ward, who both had the idea for Slí Bhride, spoke of how in Brigid’s time people were more connected to the earth.

The walk has attracted in the past pilgrims from Canada, America, Brazil, Australia, Poland and the UK to follow in St Brigid’s footsteps.

Organisers say the pilgrimage walk is aimed at those who view Brigid as a traditional Catholic saint, or those who see her older legacy as a Celtic goddess.

“As we follow in her footsteps and those of our ancestors on this ancient pathway, we will be blessed with her many gifts.”

The route of the walk starts at St Brigid’s Shrine in Faughert on July 1 and will continue from Dundalk on the route through picturesque villages to Tara.

The Pilgrimage has been described as a walk that will inspire a sense of soul and adventure all who follow in the footsteps of St Brigid.