Naas man jailed for assaulting babysitter with baton blow to the head

"A particularly nasty incident" - judge

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Leader reporter


Naas man jailed for assaulting babysitter with baton blow to the head

Naas courthouse

A man with a number of previous convictions for violence and drug related offences, including extortion, has been jailed for a year for assaulting a teenage babysitter.

Patrick Coady (27), with an address at 4 Patrician Avenue, Naas, was jailed for assault causing harm at the Naas District Court today (April 6).

In a lengthy hearing which began on April 5, Mr Coady denied assaulting the teenage girl and hitting her with a baton on the head at an address in Lacken View, Naas, in the early hours of January 2, 2015. A number of other charges against him have been adjourned until April 19.

The teenager said that she had been asked to babysit by Mr Coady’s partner. At one stage during the evening, she heard a big argument outside and the partner burst in the door with blood all over her clothes.

The babysitter said she closed the door but Mr Coady came in. She saw him hit his partner. Mr Coady, she said, then came at her, pushed her, and hit her on the forehead with a metal baton.

She said the defendant told her he would put a bullet in her and would come back and shoot her.

She said Mr Coady’s partner tried to go upstairs but collapsed and she then helped her down into the hall.

The babysitter said she had a lump on her head as a result of the assault. She is still suffering from depression and is undergoing counselling. Now 18 years old, she is due to sit her Leaving Cert this year.

Mr Coady told the court he kicked the front door but did not enter the house and denied that he assaulted the teenage girl.

Garda Patrick O’Donnell, in evidence, said they got a call at 1.12am and arrived at the Lacken View house at 1.20am. He said he saw blood in house and the kitchen was disturbed. There was an ambulance crew at the scene.

The babysitter was visibly upset and had a large lump in the centre of her forehead. She told him of the threat to her if she called the gardai.

Garda O’Donnell said there was no sign of Mr Coady and that a number of other individuals present did not want to cooperate.

When he did meet Mr Coady in June 2015, the latter would make no admission and declined to sign a statement.

The Court was told that a row had broken out between Mr Coady and his partner at another address at Lacken View.

In evidence on oath, Mr Coady said his partner had slapped him in the face and he threw her on the ground. He said another man present had tried to assault him.

The partner left the area and went back to her own house in the estate. Mr Coady followed her. He admitted that he kicked the door in anger. He said he had drunk part of a bottle of wine that evening but was “not severely intoxicated.” He denied he entered the house, stating that the door was locked, or that he assaulted the babysitter.

At the conclusion of the case, Tony Hanahoe, solicitor for Mr Coady, said the case against his client should be struck out. It was riddled with inconsistencies, he said, stating that there were two versions of the facts. “There has got to be some doubt,” he said and Mr Coady should get the benefit of it.

Garda Inspector Oliver Henry said the injured party was 16. She had never met Mr Coady before the incident and had no reason to tell a lie.

“She has been consistent in her evidence from day one,” he said.

Judge Zaidan said: “One person is telling lies. It is Mr Coady. The judge said that some inconsistencies did not merit an acquittal.

He said the prosecution had proven the charge. “I am actually in shock listening to the witnesses.”

Judge Zaidan said he would have some concern for people living in the area with evidence of baseball bats and car windows being smashed. “They are a law onto to themselves. There is no need for the Gardai,” he said referring to some of the parties. “It is absolutely horrendous.”

He convicted Mr Coady.

The babysitter was asked how the experience affected her. She said: “I was too afraid to leave home for a few months.”

She said she saw Mr Coady quite frequently in the area and it brought it all back. She had severe depression and was still going to counselling.

Inspector Henry said that Mr Coady had 23 previous convictions. On April 2, 2014, he was convicted of selling and supplying drugs. He had public order offences on his record.

On November 27, 2009, at Naas Circuit Court, he was convicted of blackmail and extortion and was jailed for three years. He also had a conviction for assault causing harm and others for “violence and drug related activity.”

Mr Hanahoe said Mr Coady fought the case tooth and nail. The solicitor said Mr Coady was still in a relationship with his partner and had been for 11years.

Judge Zaidan referred to the assault on the teenager as a “a particularly nasty incident”.

The babysitter, said the judge, was trying to keep the defendant at bay, and he proceeded to assault her with a baton similar to a Garda baton. It was frightening for her.

Judge Zaidan said he was “appalled” by the evidence by defence witnesses, who spoke on behalf of Mr Coady, who had told “a pack of lies.”

He said he maximum he could sentence Mr Coady to was 12 months and he did that.

Of the teenage victim, he said: “It takes courage to come into this court in these circumstances and testify. A lot of victims would have been bullied. It is a credit to you.” 

He told her to do a good Leaving Cert.

He fixed recognisances for leave to appeal at Mr Coady’s own bond of €750 of which €500 should be in cash.