A message for Leinster Leader readers about stories from our archive

Laura Coates


Laura Coates



A message for Leinster Leader readers about stories from our archive

The Leinster Leader has been serving Kildare readers for generations

We will soon be asking readers wishing to access archive content which is more than two years old to pay a very modest amount - known as a "micropayment". You’ll get your first €1 of articles free – and it only takes seconds.

Good, reliable journalism – the opposite of fake news - costs money to produce. The Leinster Leader has been reporting local life for generations - and titles such as ours are a cornerstone of local democracy.

These days, many readers come to us via our website and social media channels. Times are changing, but we plan to serve our local community for generations to come.

To do that, we need to develop new revenue streams so that we can continue to pay the salaries of the talented and committed journalists who bring our print and online readers unrivalled local coverage each week.

Very small payments for our archive content will help to fund this journalism. No charge will apply to online articles published within the past two years.

Readers who have installed ad blockers are being asked to ‘whitelist’ our website, so that we can benefit from online advertising revenue. This is vital to the future of the Leinster Leader.

Our website is becoming increasingly popular by the week – and we look forward to welcoming more and more readers in the months and years ahead.

Rest assured, our team is absolutely committed to bringing you the best and most reliable local news and sport service available online.