Newbridge shopping centre appeals for Christmas gifts for underpriviliged children

Giving Tree up in Whitewater

Laura Coates


Laura Coates


Whitewater appeal for Christmas gifts for underpriviliged children

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Whitewater Shopping Centre is appealing for Christmas gifts for vulnerable and underpriviliged children.

Shoppers can donate a gift to a child in need by leaving it under the Giving Tree in aid of Barnardos at the centre.

The tree is located on the ground floor of the Newbridge shopping centre. All donations will go directly to the Barnardos Christmas Toy Appeal.

Toys will be collected until Friday, December 9.

According to the organisers, ideally gifts should be new, with practical gifts of pyjamas, socks, slippers, and dressing- gowns all very welcome. Learning toys, such as arts and craft materials also make a great choice. To ensure that each child receives a gift of equal value, toys or gifts should be worth approximately €10 upwards. For the purpose of distribution, Barnardos ask that donors kindly leave gifts unwrapped.

“It is our sincere hope that no child will feel forgotten this year and so we invite our customers to join with us and make a child’s Christmas this year by dropping off a suitable item at the Whitewater Giving Tree,” said centre manager Ingrid Ryan.