Clane Community Council records a surplus in latest accounts

Abbey needs repair work

Clane Community Council records a surplus in latest accounts

Clane Community Council
reported a surplus in its
accounts for 2015.

At the Council’s annual general meeting on January 25, Treasurer Paul Carroll reported a surplus of €1,586 compared to a loss of €1,943 last year.

The meeting was told that the Council had made a small deficit for a number of years but was happy to be in the black this year.

In the longer run, however, the Council faces the prospect of having to raise €40,000 and over for repairs to the Abbey.

It also heard that there was relative comfort in having a closing balance of €28,867.

Income amounted to €24,096, down on the €29,331 last year.

The Council earned €6,747 from rent on the Abbey, an increase on 2014 but its grant income was down from €9,478 in 2014 to €5,178 last year.

Grants came from Intel Ireland (€2,478), the County Council (€1,550), Clane Project Centre (€750) and the Department of Environment (€400).

The golf classic raised €5,330 (before costs of €938) a rise on the previous year but donations fell from €5,000 to €2,550.

The latter came from Cllr Padraig McEvoy (€1,000), John Power (€500), the Friary Graveyard committee (€600), Clane Boxing Club (€200 for the Abbey), Nellie Dillon (€150 for the Christmas tree) and Kildare Dormice (for the Tidy Towns).

Fortunately, the church gate collections raised €2,072 compared to €819 in 2014 but the Council had to do without a Sunday Business Post promotion last year which has raised €2,271 in 2014.

On the spending side, there was a drop to €22,510 (€31,274 in 2014).

Maintenance work on the Abbey dropped to €3,800 from €9,954. It also spent €4,130 on the Tidy Towns effort, compared to €1,824 the previous year.

Spending on the Council election/publicity amounted to €2,855. The list also included €1,563 for a sound system and €437 for the removal of graffiti.

Chairman Des Drumm said that the Tidy Town Association was the flagship of the Community Council.

It has spent €4,130 in 2015, including €1,415 on plants, €426 on topsoil, €617 on hardware (from McKenna’s) and €513 on other items. In addition it spent a total of €946 on awards nights prizes and expenses.

He also highlighted how the Council and the Tidy Town Association had been dealing with a graffiti problem, which cost the Council €437. “It remains a problem,” he said.

Treasurer, Paul Carroll, said the Council paid a commercial water meter charges but there was some doubt over the accuracy of the meter this year.