New uniform at Holy Family after 40 years in maroon

the Holy Family Secondary School in Newbridge has rolled out a brand new uniform.

the Holy Family Secondary School in Newbridge has rolled out a brand new uniform.

Principal Angela Ryan explained that it was the sudden bout of extreme cold weather last winter that spurred the change. This will see the old maroon skirt and jumper combination phased out over the next five years.

Girls attending the school have worn an all-maroon uniform for at least the last 40 years. Girls who attended the ‘secondary top’ which predated the founding of the school half a century ago wore a brown gymslip.

“We just decided it as a committee,” said Mrs Ryan. “The old uniform was the same for the last 40 years but last winter when it was really, really cold we realised we could go for a warmer skirt. We had already decided on a black fleece a couple of years ago for the older students as we wanted to differentiate between the seniors and juniors.”

The senior students will wear a black jumper with their new skirts, the junior students will retain a maroon one and the senior prefects will wear a grey jumper. The new uniform also boasts a heavy tartan skirt.

“The new skirt incorporates all the colours of the school,” added Ms Ryan. “It is a nice link between the past and the future with black, grey, white and wine. We don’t think it is anywhere else at the moment. We have a couple of suppliers for parents and what we say about the cost is that the cheapest is not always the best. If the uniform is kept well we will facilitate uniform selling next year.”

The new uniform is not compulsory for any students except the incoming first years, so parents who bought new uniforms for students starting last year will not have to buy new school clothing.

“We haven’t asked anybody but the first years to take the new uniform although an awful lot of the fourth years have taken it,” said Mrs Ryan. “It is up to the student unless they are first years. If the students keep it well then they can sell it on next year.

“Cheap uniforms are useless and fall apart - you want something that the students can get a lot of wear and tear out of.”