Action at last for Dara Park

A task force is to be set up to tackle sewerage, flooding, and anti-social problems that have plagued a Newbridge estate for 39 years.

A task force is to be set up to tackle sewerage, flooding, and anti-social problems that have plagued a Newbridge estate for 39 years.

The long suffering residents of Dara Park told Kildare County Council they have endured sewage seeping up into kitchen sinks and flowing through their back gardens for years now.

The three-person deputation pleaded for action with officials at the Kildare Area Committee meeting at Aras Cill Dara last Wednesday October 18.

Chairman, Joe Burke, detailed the long running saga and said recent bad weather had caused the flooding to resurface.

“We did not even get an acknowledgement from the council that our submission was received when we sent it in a month ago,” he said.

He also stressed that a number of wheelchair bound home owners could not gain access through the front of their homes and had to leave through the back entrance. He said some stretches of pathways were broken up. He said it was the first time the residents got the chance to address the council. He pointed out some residents couldn’t even get house insurance because of the flooding. The chairman acknowledged that some of the anti-social behaviour had been solved on foot of work instigated by Director of Services Joe Boland in barring up a derilict house.

He outlined how the council had come out on several occasions to jet the system but the problems always returned.

Jane Domican asked the council if the galvanise boundary with Pearstown could be removed as there were often used syringes and condoms dumped there. She said they wanted to replace it with grass and the residents were willing to plant shrubs. She also explained there were problems with parking on the green areas and how motorists were driving up on the pathways to avoid the ramps.

“Its a wonderful place. There are wonderful people there and all they want is respect and to be able to sit out in their garden without sewage in it and to be able to walk down the street without falling into a hole.”

Cllr. Fiona O’Loughlin, Spike Nolan, Susanne Doyle, Paddy Kennedy and Tony O’Donnell all pledged their support for the residents.

Director of Services Joe Boland apologised to the residents because they had not received an acknowledgement for their submission. He said the document had been considered at a very senior level. He highlighted some of the work carried out by the council over the years but recognised there were problems that needed to be resolved. He stressed it would be beneficial if the water, housing and transport departments could work together on the matter. He said the issue would be examined. Cllr Fiona O’Loughlin suggested a task force be set up involving the residents, local coucillors and council staff. It was agreed that they would meet at LHD before next month’s meeting.

“The wheels are in motion now hopefully,” said Joe speaking to the Leader after the meeting. “We’ve started and we are not stopping now. For the first time we felt that we have been listened to. We now feel that surely something will be done. The task force and the council are going to come out and meet us in a month or so when everything is in place.”