Cash buyers getting Kildare houses cheaper

Paying over €70k less

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Cash buyers getting Kildare houses cheaper

Those who don't occupy the home after purchase pay less

The average price paid for a house in county Kildare by buyers who do not occupy the home after purchase is lower than the average price for all buyers, according to Leader analysis of recent Central Statistic Office figures.

The average price paid by a non occupying household buyer was €154,452, compared to an average of €226,432 for all buyers in 2015, based on stamp duty filings.

The lower figure was just 68% of the higher. This ratio was 76% in 2014 and 81% in 2013.

The statistics show that when it came to new houses sold in the county, non occupiers accounts from almost 5% of the 263 new houses sold. But in the years running up to that, there was a much higher percentage of non occupiers in the market for new houses.

In 2012, they accounted for 50% of the new houses sold, 24% in 2011 and 46% in 2010.

The figures also show that county Kildare had one of the highest number of house unit sales in the State in the first seven months of this year, with 1,201 sales.

Kildare was highest after Dublin, Galway and Cork. There were 921 sales recorded in Meath and 753 in Wicklow.

The majority of the sales are of existing houses.

Recorded sales of new houses in Kildare in 2015 was 263, the highest figures since 2010. In the six years to 2015, 924 new housing units were built in the county, including 157 in 2014, 118 in 2013, 98 in 2012 and 79 in 2011.