Call for more dog warden patrols in Monread Park, Naas

Naas Municipal District Meeting reports

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Call for more dog warden patrols in Monread Park, Naas

Monread Park, Naas

The dog warden needs to visit Monread Park — the popular parkland setting and playground the outskirts of Naas — more often, a Naas Municipal District Meeting was recently told.

A call for a “much stronger presence” in the area was made by Cllr Evie Sammon at a recent Naas Municipal District meeting.

She acknowledged, however, that this might not happen until Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

However, the councillor said people are complaining about the amount of dog dirt in the locality and the fact that some dogs are being allowed to run loose in the area.

In a report, Kildare County Council official Ken Kavanagh said that prior to the lockdown the dog wardens would visit this part of the county in response to calls or while on routine patrols.

“However, since the imposition of Level 5 lockdown the dog wardens are working remotely and responding to calls on a risk assessment basis.”

Mr Kavanagh pointed out that the Control of Dogs Act requires that a dog, when not on the premises of its owner or person in charge of the dog, must be accompanied by and be under the effective control of its owner.

The legislation also enables dog wardens and the gardaí to seize stray dogs, including dogs not under proper control.