KWWSPCA: Trapping cats at the Curragh Camp

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KWWSPCA: Trapping cats at the Curragh Camp

Could you give one of our cats a good home?

It was a busy week for the KWWSPCA volunteers who run the TNR service (Trap Neuter Return). They were collecting a colony of feral cats at the Curragh Camp.

In all, they took 12 cats and brought them to the vet for neutering. They were then returned to their territory. This will make a huge difference to the feral cat problem in the locality.

We have two lovely cats who are looking for a new home. Harry currently lives between two houses, sharing his company with the neighbours. They both agree that he needs a home to call his own and are looking for a family who will love him and welcome him into their home.

He will be health checked and given his vaccination and a worm and flea dose before going to his new family. He has been neutered. He is a playful and adorable companion.

Town cat

Chloe is also looking for a new home. She is an unusual cat in that she does not want a country home. She lives in a beautiful stable yard with other cats, chickens and horses and it seems ideal.

However, Chloe suffers from an allergy to hay and is presently trapped in isolation away from the yard. She needs a town or village home, where she can be loved. We are happy for someone to take her on trial to make sure she does not develop any other allergy to a new environment.

Please contact Elaine at KWWSPCA on 089 4588162 if you think you have the right home for Chloe or for Harry.


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