ESB Networks issues warning to general public in Kildare

Senan Hogan


Senan Hogan

Thousands of people without power after Waterford outage


ESB Networks has issued a warning to remind the general public in Kildare to stay clear of its electricity infrastructure.

As always, please keep well clear of electricity poles and overhead lines.

Contact with live electricity is extremely dangerous and can be fatal. People must always keep a safe distance because electricity is very powerful and can jump gaps.

A statement added: "While in and around the home, make sure your electrical equipment is in good condition and never hang anything near electricity wires.

"Remember: Always stay safe and stay clear of electricity lines and wires as these are live and therefore dangerous.

"You can report any damage to ESB Networks by contacting our emergency phone number: 1800 372 999/021 238 2410 (24 hours/7 days)."

ESB Networks reminded the general public of the following safety messages:

  • Electricity wires are always live, never approach.
  • If you see fallen or damaged wires, keep clear and phone ESB Networks immediately on 1800 372 999/021 238 2410.
  • Always look up and keep a safe distance from wires and poles.
  • Never attach anything to ESB Networks poles or wires.
  • Do not work or fly anything near overhead wires.

Further information is available at and you can follow our Twitter account @ESBNetworks for updates.