New school extensions in Kilcullen and Newbridge move a step closer to reality

Going to tender

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


New school extensions in Kilcullen and Newbridge move a step closer to reality

Newbridge school place crisis

Critical new Kildare south schools extensions have now progressed to tender in Kilcullen and Newbridge. 

Minister of State and TD,  Martin Heydon said: “Extensions to bring Cross and Passion College Kilcullen and Patrician Post Primary School Newbridge to 1,000 pupil schools have now progressed to tender, a long awaited important step in their building programmes.

“Earlier this month I again raised my concern with Minister Norma Foley over the lack of delivery of additional secondary school places across Kildare South.

“I asked that the proposed extensions at Cross and Passion College Kilcullen, Patrician Post Primary Newbridge and St. Kevin’s, Dunlavin be expedited to help alleviate pressures in these catchment areas. As well as the planned extension for Athy Community College which is being progressed through the educational and training board.

“As a former member of the board of management of St. Mark’s Special school I am delighted for its students and staff that their new school building plan has also progressed to this important milestone now.

“The progression of St. Kevin’s extension Dunlavin, to a 1,000 pupil school will also have a positive impact for Kildare south students who reside close to the Wicklow border.

“The pressure on second level places continues across Kildare South, and I will continue to work with the Department of Education to progress other school projects, in particular the securing of a site to progress the new Curragh Post Primary development which is also badly needed” concluded Minister Heydon.