Clane needs a park, community council agm told

Volunteer council to make submissions on strategic housing developments

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Clane Community Council discuss Capdoo housing plan

Worries over lack of safe public space in growing town

The town of Clane needs a park,  an online public meeting heard this week.

Clane Community Council member, Des Drumm, said some areas of Clane have become dangerous for walking.

Speaking at the agm of the town’s volunteer community council on January 25, he said Clane currently lacks something like a park.

Mr Drumm said it at least needs a safe circular route around the town away from houses and roads.

His comments came in the lights of discussions on walking in the town and proposed new housing developments, in particular the forthcoming Strategic Housing Development decisions by Bord Pleanala.

The agm attendance agreed to put in submissions to Bord Pleanala on the SHD and other plans for housing.

Mr Drumm said Clane was in danger of being deluged by houses.

Mr Drumm said he used to run at Buttersteam area but that was now too dangerous.

That area is particularly dangerous during school times, the meeting heard

The meeting heard concerns that the town could be left without sufficient open spaces but with a 25% increase in population.

Cllr Padraig McEvoy said that during a previous zoning decision along the Liffey bank, councillors voted to allow housing 20 metres nearer the river, taking up some open space.

He said that extra residentially zoned space could enable expansion of  the number of houses under the SHD plans.

Garda Shane Smyth, the Clane community garda, said the Clane station has got a new speed gun (costing around €2,000) and they could hit speed spots if required.

John Daly said a Sli na Slainte type route, set up away traffic routes, would help.

Mr Daly said some speed limits should be less than 80km/hr.