House prices fell in a number of Kildare areas over year to last November figures indicate

A 11% drop in second hand houses in Celbridge

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


House prices fell in a number of Kildare areas over year to last November figures indicate

New and existing prices increases vary

There were price increases for new houses in nearly all Kildare eircode areas but there were fall in the prices of existing or second hand houses between November last year and November 2019.

The price quoted, from the Central Statistics Office (HM04) are those for all types of properties and buyers.

For new properties, the median price (the middle of the price range) increased 27% to €425,000 in the W23 Celbridge area (based on 32 sales last November) and by 14% to €303,000 to the W34 Monasterevin area, where there was just one sale last November.

In the Naas W91 area the median price across 30 sales last November,  rose 8% to €354,620  and in the W12 Newbridge area it rose 2% to €393,738, across six sales.

In the neighbouring K78 Lucan area the median price rose 3% to €375,000 (based on 21 sales)  and in the Enfield eircode area there was a 6% rise to €267,500.

Nationally the median price of a new house fell by 1% to €348,015.

When it came to existing houses, the picture was different in Kildare.

While there was a 10% rise to €330,000 in the W91 Naas area, based on 35 sales,  there was a 3% increase to €236,750 in the R51 Kildare area, based on just six sales last November.

In the Newbridge area the median price fell 4% to €215,000 (based on 10 sales last November) and in the Athy area it fell 11% to €162,250 (14 sales in November 2020).

In Celbridge the drop was 11% to €291,000, which was based on 26 sale executions last November.

There was a rise of 4% to €177,500 in the neighbouring R45 Edenderry area.

The monthly eircode figures quoted will not be as accurate as an annual figures because of the sometimes small numbers of sale executions in the months in question.

Recently, we reported an approximated drop of 26% in the number of sales in the wider Naas area, including west Kildare areas, between 2019 and 2020.

The CSO said that in the year to November, the Eircode area which shared the least expensive median price within Dublin were D10 'Dublin 10' and D11 ‘Dublin 11’, where the median price was €230,000.