Kildare car long term car growth second highest in State

Number of county registered private cars grew 2.3% a year since 2006

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Kildare car long term car growth second highest in State

Over 28,000 extra cars on road since 2006

There were 4,118 new private cars licenced for the first time in Kildare in 2020, according to new figures from the Central Statistics Office.

Nationally, last year, 84,309 new private cars were licensed for the first time, a decrease of 25.6% compared with the previous year.

Our analysis of the growth of private cars licenced for 2006 and 2019 shows that Kildare had the second highest growth rate in the State, after Roscommon, over those 13 years.

The number of private cars licenced in 2006 was 79,539 but this had increased by 35.7% to 107,936 by the end of 2019, an annual growth of 2.3% a year.

For the State as a whole, the numbers grew by 22.3%, still an extra 395,918 private cars on the States road, a growth rate of 1.5%

The CSO said this week the number of used (imported) private cars licensed fell by 27.9% to 78,541 in 2020 compared with 108,895 in 2019.

 Overall 162,850 new and used private cars were licensed in 2020, and this is the lowest figure since 2015 (168,327).

The CSO said electric and hybrid cars continue to grow in popularity. These two categories of vehicles combined accounted for 19.7% of new private cars licensed in 2020, compared with 12.7% in 2019. 

The number of new hybrid and new electric cars licensed between January and December grew by 1,754 (16.1%) and 497 (14.4%) respectively despite an overall drop in new cars licensed for the period.

Colour wise, grey is the top choice with 37.3% of all buyers opting for that. Next is black (17.8%) followed by white (15.2%) and blue (15%).

Santa will be disappointed to know that his favourite colour, red, was the choice of only 10.8% of buyers. Other colours (yellow, orange, violet, green and brown) between them accounted for 3.9% of vehicles.