Plans for new courthouse structure in Naas

Services are "under pressure"

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Kildare man charged with attempt to give prisoner heroin in Naas Courthouse

Naas Courthouse

There are plans for a new courthouse in Naas.

Either the existing building will be significantly expanded and upgraded  or a new courthouse will be constructed on a greenfield site.

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The courthouse was was constructed in 1807 and designed by Richard Morrison, who was also responsible for the Pro-cathedral in Dublin.

Fianna Fail TD James Lawless said today the Department of Justice will be examining all the options for the expansion of building, which is most of the most significant buildings in Naas from architectural and historical viewpoint.

James Lawless TD

Deputy Lawless, who is also a practicing barrister, said “The Naas courthouse is an impressive building located in the heart of the town. However, the court services located at there  are currently operating at capacity. They are under severe pressure due to the volume of work they are expected to complete and the growing area the service must cover here."

“I have received assurances in my discussions with the Department of Justice that they will be examining all the options are available and that the need to increase the capacity of the courthouse and the court services is warranted.”