Jail threat facing woman for hindering child access by ex partner

Minor illness not excuse for refusing agreed access to child says judge

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Kildare Now Reporter



Jail threat facing woman for hindering  child access by ex partner

In camera hearing in Naas

A woman whose ex partner claimed she has been obstructing a court child  access order was close to being jailed at Naas District Court on November 17.

The woman's ex partner claimed, via his legal representative, that he was effectively being refused access to a child, previously granted in the family law hearing. Judge Desmond Zaidan was told that alleged illness was one excuse being used for access to be refused. The man was being “frustrated within an inch of his life,” his legal representative said.

The woman disputed the facts but following a list of claimed refusal dates, Judge Zaidan said he would jail the woman for seven days.

Following further exchanges in the hearing, he lifted his jail order on the basis that the couple sort out the matter themselves amicably and that court granted access is given to the father.

The judge said that sick or no sick - unless in case of serious illness or hospitalisation - the father should have access, as agreed by the court.  “This has been going on for three years,” he said.

He said he would vacate his order to jail the woman.