Kildare's higher Covid case figures

Normal deaths and covid deaths question

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress




Kildare had the fourth highest number of Covid cases relative to its population since the recording of cases on February 28, according to new figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) for the period to October 2.

The record showed there were 2,666 cases equivalent to 1,198 per 100,000 population, the fourth highest after Dublin (1,333), Cavan 91,323) and Monaghan (1,119).

Of these cases, death resulted in 5.5% of cases, compared to 4.1% for the State as a whole, totalling 147 people or 66 per 100,000 population.

The median or average age of those dying from Covid was 82 and the median age of those recorded cases was 43, close to the State average here of 44 years.

The figures suggest the average number of Kildare Covid deaths over the seven months is around twenty one per month.

Wicklow recorded 678 cases per 100,000 and with Meath,where 56 deaths were recorded, it was 568 cases per 100,000.

These figures cover seven months approximately, implying an average of 21 deaths a month from Covid 19 from March to September inclusive.

Separate death figures for Kildare for the three months from January to March this year, ie the CSO Vital Statistics for Q1 this year, show there were 270 deaths overall, implying 90 deaths a month, on average.

Of these, 30% were attributed to malignant neoplasms or cancer, 27% to diseases of the circulatory system, 12% to diseases of the respiratory system, 3% to external causes and 28% to “any other cause.

If the monthly average deaths from the Vital Statistics database for the Q2 and Q3 periods this year show a similar number of deaths as Q1, it would imply that around 23% of Kildare deaths are Covid related.