Anger at misuse of disabled parking spaces in Naas


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Anger at misuse of disabled parking spaces in Naas

A car parked between two disabled parking spaces at South Main Street, Naas

Fines imposed on people who park in disabled parking spaces could be more than trebled.

That’s the view of a local councillor and a member of the Naas Access and Disability Group, which advocates for people with disabilities.

A motion seeking to increase the fine to €500 from €150 was passed at a Kildare County Council meeting

This will now be communicated to the Minister for Transport.

“It is obvious that for some people it is not a sufficient deterrent. We need a bigger stick. The appalling misuse of disabled parking bays is an everyday occurrence due to the actions of a small minority of motorists,” said Cllr Bill Clear.

He said this is not an issue exclusively for the gardaí and the traffic wardens, it is a challenge for the whole community to convey a forceful message that we will no longer tolerate these actions.

It will require a process of education and a campaign of deterrence to convince the offending motorists that there will be implications for this behaviour

There are 27768 people living in Kildare that are disabled. Of that number 84% have access to a vehicle.

There are approximately 200 disabled public parking for disabled people in Kildare.

Cllrs Ide Cussen, Peggy O Dwyer, Michael Coleman and Carmel Kelly, are also members of various access groups in County Kildare and they are all members of CKAN, County Kildare Access Network advocating for people with disabilities.

“Providing Disabled parking spaces allows people with disabilities become more independent and it is our duty as a council to assist them any way possible.

“This measure is supported by the Irish Wheelchair Association.”

He added that people illegally park in these spaces all the time.

And” the excuses are always the same ‘I’ll be back in a minute, I’ll move if someone comes’ and so on.”