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Leinster Leader reporter



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Communities around the world continue to struggle with the effects of Covid-19.

As the pandemic continues its hold, it is more important than ever that communities stand together and support each

At the heart of every community on the island of Ireland, credit unions are known for always putting the interests of their members first.

In this unprecedented time credit unions have recognised that many of their members have faced unexpected hardship associated with COVID-19.

And just as they have helped members through adversity in the past, Life Credit Union continue to do everything possible to support members now.

Karen Mulligan, CEO Life Credit Union states “Since mid-March we have worked hard to ensure that our doors remain open to our members in the safest possible way. We have adopted all government guidelines within our branches to ensure social distancing, and ultimately the safety of our staff and members.”

Karen continues: “We also implemented an IT migration during lockdown, which has resulted in
significantly improved digital services for our members. We encourage members as much as possible to
bank with us through our new online banking and mobile app, or by phone. Existing members and new
members can now apply for a loan and get the funds to their account without having to visit a branch. In
these times of social distancing this is a huge positive for the members of Life Credit Union.”

At the heart of the credit union heritage is ownership.  As with all others, Life Credit Union is owned
entirely by its local members and is run for their benefit. Unlike banks, there are no distant shareholders
whose sole concern is extracting profit.

“We are vested in the locality by our very structure,” comments Chairman Marion Hanlon. “This sets us apart from other financial institutions in a fundamental way.”  

With Ireland enjoying an upsurge in volunteering across many fields, the credit union provides an outlet
to make a purposeful contribution to the local community, as Ms Hanlon explains: 
“Life Credit Union is here to improve the financial and social well-being of our community. We can only
do that through the dedication of volunteers, both as board and committee members.  For anyone
looking to give back to the community, irrespective of age or professional background, I would say our
credit union offers a rewarding and fulfilling experience, with the satisfaction of knowing that your
contribution is a very real and meaningful one to those living and working around you.” 

For further details on becoming a volunteer with Life Credit Union please check our website

Anyone interested in becoming involved with Life Credit Union is invited to contact Hilary Dempsey on
045 879 622 or email hdempsey@lifecu.ie

About Life Credit Union 

Life Credit Union was founded in 1968, is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, and has offices in
Naas, Monread, Newbridge and Maynooth.

Life Credit Union provides current accounts, including debit cards, and overdrafts and a wide range of loans to members.