Naas dog owners lashed for leaving pet faeces behind while on walks

Disgust at actions

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Naas dog owners lashed for leaving pet faeces behind while on walks

Some of the discarded bags of dog faeces on Craddockstown Road

Dog walkers in Naas who fail to clean up properly after their pets have come under fire from a local landowner.

The Craddockstown Road links the town with the road leading to Punchestown Racecourse and the narrow tree lined thoroughfare is popular as a walking and cycling route.

However some dog owners dispose of their pet’s faeces by gathering it up in a plastic bag—- and tossing the bag into the field or a hedge.

Farmer Ger Kavanagh, who has sheep grazing in the area, is appealing fro all those using the route accompanied by their dogs to leave nothing behind them.

Dog fouling is illegal and Mr Kavanagh has previously taken to placing photographs of the offending items at the entrance gates to the fields.

“Dog dirt itself is bad enough but when it’s on the roadside at least it will decompose.”

“But when it’s put into a plastic bag and thrown into a ditch or a field it stays because, obviously, the bag doesn’t disintegrate,” he said.

And on a few occasions he’s had the unpleasant experience of cutting through a bag of faeces with a strimmer while maintaining the condition of the area.

“As you can imagine it flies all over the place, including over me,” he added.

“Everybody knows that this is disgusting and all that needs to be done is for people to tidy up after their dogs.”