Newbridge man rallying behind fundraising campaign to restore eye sight for fiance

Heidi Kennedy says"I am praying for a cure to come through the door."

Leinster Leader Reporter


Leinster Leader Reporter


Newbridge man rallying behind fundraising campaign to restore eye sight for fiance

Heidi and Michael

 A Newbridge man has set up a Go Fund Me campaign, in a bid  to find a cure that will restore his fiance's  eye-sight and let her see her family.

A GoFund Me campaign has been set up by Michael Smyth, in a bid to raise €100,000 so that Heidi Kennedy can access treatment in Spain or in Moorefield, UK.

Heidi Kennedy(35), lives in Maganey, Laois, with her fiance and her two year old son.

At the age of 25, Heidi, who had been living a busy life, working, running, and driving, suddenly  her life got hit by massive eye issues, while driving over the Glen of Imaal in Co Wicklow.

She said: “I had perfect eye sight until the age of 25, and now it is gone really bad. I have lost the central vision in right eye and will become blind if don't get a cure.”

She said: “In 2011, I was driving home to see my parents and i had to try my best to stop the car. Everything in front of me went completely black. The trees,the clouds, the grass i couldn't see any of it, only complete darkness.”

She was rushed to the Royal Eye and Ear Hospital in Dublin, where it was found that she was getting bleeds to her eye, and starting getting injections.

In 2012, after being told that she had a rare eye disease, she underwent a seven hour operation on the eye, and was in hope that the bleeding had stopped.

Last year, she lost sight in her right eye, about six weeks, bleeding started in her eye again.

She said:"My right eye was always the good eye. Recently about 18 months ago, I lost my right eye. The left eye is trying to take everything, one eye trying to work on everything. The left eye was not supposed to bleed again, but five to six weeks ago it started bleeding again.”

The only thing that can stop the bleeding is the injections.

She said: “It is very hard to see, it is blurry. You are seeing flashing lights coming the whole time, yellow, blue, and then I can't see anything as it is dark.”

She says that one of the last times she properly saw her son, was after he was born.

Heidi said: “I can't see him properly.I can see his shapes and see the colours of him.There is a lot of black there in the middle.”

She said: “The eye sight is getting worse everyday. I am praying for a cure to come through the door. Noone in the family have had this, they don't have a name on it. It will get a lot worse if they don't find a cure.”

She said: “My partner is very good, my parents are helping. At the age of 35, you want to be living your life and you don't want these worries.”

She says: “I love my son to bits, when I am in pain, he gives me a hug.”

A typical day involves getting up, resting and trying to get out as much as possible.

She said: “It is a huge struggle on a day to day basis.”