Tidy Towns in Kildare urge people not to litter areas with gloves or masks

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Senan Hogan


Senan Hogan



Tidy Towns in Kildare urge people not to litter areas with gloves or masks

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People have been urged not to throw away surgical gloves or masks which they may be using during the current Covid-19 virus restrictions.

Newbridge Tidy Towns Association volunteers have reported a worrying trend of seeing the discarded items as they go on limited litter picks within 2km of their homes.

Like Tidy Towns volunteers in other villages and towns, the Newbridge committee is carrying out limited work while social distancing and is also using the opportunity to complete administration work for the upcoming competition.

Chairperson of the Newbridge Tidy Towns Association, Evonne Boland told the Leader: “You’re seeing a new type of litter given the climate we’re in — like gloves and masks.”

She added: “But there hasn’t been a big build-up of other general litter as most people are being responsible and there are less outlets open.”

Volunteers said two Community Employment workers that emptied bins in the Liffey Linear Park were stood down due to Covid-19, and Council workers are carrying out this work now.

Evonne continued: “Our volunteers are doing litter picks as they do their 2km walks every day so that helps to maintain tidiness.

“There was a flurry at recycling sites as people were bringing bottles and cans and doing a bit of spring cleaning of recycling materials.

“But that seems to have levelled off now.”

Evonne said the unfortunate aspect of the Covid-19 restrictions is that people can’t enjoy public parks and amenities as much as they would like.

She explained: “Everything is coming to life now with wild flowers, birds, butterflies.

“We try to inform and raise awareness with the public of this biodiversity on our social media channels to show the importance of the issue.”