Good news! Kildare motorists see fuel prices nose-dive at filling stations

Senan Hogan


Senan Hogan


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Now is the time to fill up your tank with petrol or diesel or top up your home heating oil!

The cost of fuel at Co Kildare filling stations has plummeted as global oil prices have fallen due to many factors including the Covid-19 / coronavirus pandemic.

One filling station in Newbridge for example is offering around 25 cent less per litre for petrol and diesel compared to a month ago.

This would mean that filling up your tank could cost up to €10 less depending on the size of the fill. 

Maxol in Ballymany was quoting €142.9 per litre of petrol and €133.9 per litre of diesel on February 29 last. 

However this morning, these prices had dropped to €127.8 for petrol and €117.8 per litre.

Maxol, Ballymany, Newbridge on February 17 and its reduced prices this morning - April 2.

Covid-19 lockdowns in many countries means less driving and commuting and this has put heavy downward pressure on oil prices. 

There are also international factors involving a dispute between the main oil producers. 

Some analysts are now expecting to see the price of a barrel of oil to plummet from its current $20 to as low as $10.

And as Ireland is a few weeks behind changes in global market - you can expect these prices to continue to fall as long as they are passed onto motorists at local filling stations. 

A quick 'drive-by survey' of fuel prices this morning shows the following: 

Maxol, Kildare town: Petrol: €129.9; Diesel: €119.9;

Applegreen, Moorefield Road, Newbridge: Petrol: 127.9; Diesel: €117.9;

Toughers, Naas: Petrol: €121.9; Diesel: €131.9.

Has the price of fuel and diesel dropped at your local filling station?

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 Information from Readers: 

* Pat in Balbriggan said: "Our local Texaco petrol station (Scanlons) is selling 
petrol - 130.08 per litre. Sorry I missed the diesel price;

* Paddy said:

Petrol is €1.20 on the Navan Rd, Dublin;

* Ayad sent this photo from Carbury: