Naas garda checkpoints and patrols continue to detect speeding drivers despite Covid-19 lockdown measures

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


Naas gardaí continue to detect speeding drivers on N7 despite Covid-19 lockdown measures

File Photo of a Garda speed check

The Roads Policing Unit in Naas continues to detect speeding motorists despite Covid-19 measures meaning less vehicles on routes. 

Kildare Gardaí are mounting daily patrols and checkpoints across Co Kildare to encourage compliance with 'stay at home' rules. 

New laser speed gun devices - the TruCAM II can measure the speed of a vehicle over 1km away - so the gardaí may have clocked your speed before you see them.

Naas Roads Policing Unit (RPU) detected a car travelling on the N7 at 150kmh in a 100kmh zone.

Gardaí said: "Please slow down if you must drive during Government restrictions due to  Covid-19.

"The roads are quieter so drive with in the speed limits and stay safe."

Naas RPU detected 10 motorists speeding on the M7 and M4 on Monday evening.