Man who verbally abused gardaí in Newbridge fined €400

Case heard before Naas District Court

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Leader reporter


Man who verbally abused gardaí in Newbridge fined €400

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A man who was before Naas District Court on Thursday, March 5, for using threatening, abusive and insulting words and breach of the peace was fined €400.

Paul Archibold, with an address listed as 3326 Lakeside Park, Newbridge, came to the attention of gardai on July 5, 2019, on the Dublin Road in Kildare town at 8.50pm when gardai were carrying out a check point.

The court heard that the defendant, on seeing the checkpoint, turned his vehicle around and drove in the opposite direction. Gardai followed him and stopped him. He then became furious and verbally abusive to gardai. He shouted tons of profanities at the gardai including calling them ‘bully boys’, the court heard.

His solicitor Conal Boyce told the court that the incident was over an NCT.

“Gardai may have thought he had drugs on him, but it was only about an NCT disc,” he said.

Judge Desmond Zaidan said that it was understandable the gardai may have thought that while carrying out a checkpoint.

“You would have done the same,” Judge Zaidan said.

Doing their job

“The gardai were only doing their job in fairness.”

The defendant has no previous convictions and has two children. He apologised to the court.

He was fined €400 and given six months to pay it.