Help Naas father of two get vital life saving treatment abroad

Friends and neighbours unite to support Artur with GoFundMe page

Rose B O'Donoghue


Rose B O'Donoghue


Help father of two get vital life saving treatment abroad

Arthur Beczek, Naas during his treatment last month in Germany (Picture: Gofundme page: help-artur-beat-cancer).

Arthur Beczek is 45 years old, the proud father of two boys – six years old Kuba and six months old Adam. Arthur and his wife Karolina moved to Ireland from Poland 12 years, and are happily settled in Naas, Co Kildare.

The birth of Adam on August 30, 2019 should have a momentously happy day for the couple but the day brought both joy and sadness.

While Karolina was in labour in Dublin, Artur was in hospital in Warsaw, Poland, where an MRI indicated some physical alterations in his brain. When he returned to Ireland, a biopsy was performed to verify the type of tumour: a glioblastoma grade IV.

These types of tumours are aggressive and often inoperable – as is the case for Artur. Artur and his family have been told that there is nothing more that doctors in Ireland can do for him, and that he has only months to live.

Artur (above) with his two sons Kuba and baby Adam

However, there is an immuno-therapy treatment available in Germany. If he responds to this treatment, Artur may get to watch his two children grow up.

But to help get him this treatment,  family friend Saorla O'Dowd has sent up a gofundme page. Artur’s immuno-therapy treatment will take place over six months and the campaign goal is  to reach €35,000. Currently, it stands at over €12,000.

Neighbours and friends have spread the word and the family were deeply touched by the generous support to date.

“Last month (February 2020), Karolina and Artur travelled to Germany to commence the immuno-therapy treatment. Unfortunately, there were a few travel issues along the way – they had to travel in the midst of Storm Dennis!

“The most important part of his treatment was his first dendritric cell immuno-therapy. Dentritics are a type of antigen-presenting cell which means that “they alert the body to the presence of intruders”, that is, Artur's cancer”.

Creating the vaccine and injecting Artur with same is vital for his immuno-therapy and must be done every 4-6 weeks in Germany. Already, the couple are planning the next trip

“Remember, the smallest amount of money will help to get closer to the target and will give hope to Arthur and his family!” said Saorla.

“See (help-artur-beat-cancer); all help will be much appreciated”.