Clane bus transport issues to be raised at council

Commuting: Significant increases to all peak commuter time bus services sought

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Clane bus transport issues to be raised at council

Main Street, Clane. File photo

G0 Ahead, the company, which now runs the 120 bus service, said it will meet with Kildare County Councillors after the National Transport Authority (NTA) meets the council later this month.

The company and the NTA came under fire at Kildare County Council on February 24 following questions raised over the Clane route.

Go Ahead was invited to meet the council some while back but said it would be premature for them to attend.

Cllr Aidan Farrelly is co-ordinating responses and question from councillors to the NTA for the March meeting. The NTA will face a number of pressing transport issues when it meets a Kildare County Council committee in March.

The transport body has confirmed it will attend the next meeting of Kildare County Council’s Corporate Policy Group on March 30, to make a presentation to the group at noon.

The NTA is the public body which manages transport in the Greater Dublin Area and throughout Ireland, via licencing and contracts.

Following a motion from Cllr Nuala Killeen at its February 24 meeting calling for “significant increases to all peak commuter time bus services,” councillors will provide questions to the NTA before its delegation arrives.

Cllr Killeen said new and improved orbital services are needed as there is a lack of sufficient public transport options to meet the needs of commuters, which is impacting communities economically.

Go-Ahead Ireland took over the 120 route in January 2020 and this will be a particular focus of attention.