TV personality launching new book at Newbridge Silverware

Senan Hogan


Senan Hogan


TV personality launching new book at Newbridge Silverware

Noel Cunningham

TV and radio personality Noel Cunningham will be at Newbridge Silverware tomorrow to do a book signing of his new book, ‘A Guide To Modern Irish Manners’. 

The vivacious Mr Cunningham will be at the Newbridge Silverware Showroom from 12pm to 2 pm on the 12th where he will sign his book and chat with fans.

‘A Guide To Modern Irish Manners’ is published by O’Brien Press and is on sale now. It is available at all good book stores nationwide including Newbridge Silverware. The book covers topics such as tips on what to wear for those special occasions? What is polite use of our mobile phones? Should you need it, do you know how to set a formal dinner table? How should we behave on a first date? How do we organise a modern naming ceremony, debs, wedding or funeral? What is the best way to prepare for an interview? When do we tip? And say thank you? Who pays for a wed­ding? Is the day long gone when we hold open a door for a woman or an older person?

 We might think that old-fashioned ideas like etiquette and polite behaviour are no longer relevant, but life today still throws up questions on how to behave.

With class and a dash of wit, hotelier, TV and radio personality Noel Cunningham dusts off old-fashioned etiquette and gives us his golden rules for our ever-changing world.

Sprinkling his advice with stories of a life spent alongside the rich and famous, Noel shows us how manners are not a hangover from a stuffy past, but are at the heart of a truly civilised and caring society.


“This book aims to be an informative and entertaining guide to modern etiquette and good manners – to help us know what to do in all social situations,” said Noel.  “After all, manners can bring us around the world – in style.”


The book also includes lots of helpful tips and advice on:

• Greetings • Social media • Dining and entertaining • Travel • Dating • Engagements and weddings • Careers and business • Births and children • Wakes and funerals • Sport • Christmas • Ladies Day, the modern Debs and other special occasions


Noel Cunningham is a well-known hotelier, and radio and TV personality. Within the hospitality world proper etiquette in treating guests and fellow workers was part of Noel’s training. Noel has met royalty, film stars, world leaders, and people from all walks of life. He has always held that good manners are not the preserve of the high born, and that we can learn from people in the oddest of places about what matters in life.

Reacting in an appropriate and well-mannered way to every situation is the essence of a respectful society. The practice of good manners leads to a nicer way of living in all our interactions – social, family, career and relationships. “Good manners act as a springboard to success in all areas of life”, says Noel.