Gardaí pull over 'Elf on the Shelf' rolling into town

Motorists warned to buckle up

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Leader Reporter


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CREDIT: An Garda Siochana Twitter

Gardaí have pulled over an Elf on the Shelf rolling into town and "staying with friends" this holiday season, with motorists warned to wear their seatbelts this holiday season.

Taking to social media, Gardaí said: "Well! well! well!... we stopped this individual rolling into town this evening. He told us that he is staying with friends for the next month and ensuring all children are being good and safe while in cars by wearing their seatbelts at all times."

As the Christmas season approaches, motorists are advised to be aware of the dangers of icy conditions and to always wear their seatbelts.

Gardaí are also warning that they will be carrying out checks on the roads this holiday season clamping down on drugs, alcohol and tax evasion.