Artist wants to donate work to Naas Hospital

Pieces were exhibited in Naas recently

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Artist wants to donate work to Naas Hospital

Artist Jacinta O'Reilly

Some of the pieces exhibited recently in Naas may find a more permanent home in Naas Hospital.

Styled United States of Emotion, the exhibition was hosted at Naas Library.

The works were created by artist Jactina O’Reilly and the exhibition had previously been staged at three venues in Dublin, including Tallaght Library.

It opened in the gallery space at the Naas venue on September 16, and it was extended until October 7.

Each time the exhibition tours it contains a new body of work and existing work which is adapted to the space.

“Community interest and involvement is important to me as an artist. My interest in Naas was prompted by completing a successful project for local hospice St Brigid’s Hospice, The Curragh, to which I donated four pieces. The motivation in having this exhibition was to find suitable places in Naas community to hang further pieces and I am currently in communication with Naas Hospital about donating some work in the near future,” said Ms O’Reilly.“

“I have a keen interest in hanging work in places such as hospitals and nursing homes.I have enjoyed bringing my work to Naas and would like to see the work travel further in Kildare as it is such a beautiful and diverse county.”