Clane house prices edge up over first nine months of 2019


Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Clane house prices edge up over first nine months of 2019

File Photo: Clane

A survey of house and property prices in Clane for the first three quarters of this year suggest that the median price, above and below which half of all homes are priced, rose 5.4% between 2018 and this year.

The Leinster Leader looked at the houses sold in the Clane area, as set out in the official Property Price Register.

The average price for seventy four sales between January-September was €313,304. this was a 10.7% rise on the average for the same period in 2018 — €283,037.

Average prices can be skewed by very high or low prices so this analysis looked at the median price.

This was €295,000 for the first nine months of this year , a 5.4% rise on the median of €280,000 for 2018.

We also looked at the prices in the bottom third of the price range.

There was a lower increase in this range, which includes apartments. The average for this group was €192,002 this year, up a lower 3.1% on the €186,238 in 2018.

We also took a look at the same figures for 2014, five years ago.

There were 48 properties sold over the same nine months that year, which meant that sales numbers rose 54% over the five year period.

The average price in 2014, was €204,345, the 2019 average being 53% ahead.

The median price was €178,248 making the 2019 median 65% higher.

The 2019 average for the bottom third of properties was 90% above that of 2014 when the average was €101,186. This year, the highest priced house was one at Capdoo, which went for €800,000, while Hoganswood House, Firmount West, sold for €690,000. The lowest, an apartment in An Crocan, sold for €100,000 in May.