Enthusiastic support for Educate Together in Kilcock


Paula Campbell


Paula Campbell



Enthusiastic Support For Educate Together In Kilcock

Ronan Moore (top right) with campaigners for an Educate Together secondary school for Kilcock

Parents in Kilcock and Enfield turned out in force last night Tuesday, September 17 as secondary school patron Educate Together held its first public meeting.

The meeting provided information on the equality-based organisation's #VoteEducateTogether campaign that will run until Friday 4 October. During the campaign parents in Kilcock and Enfield are invited to vote for the patron of choice for their brand new secondary school.

The meeting included a presentation from Claire Matthews, Principal of Firhouse Educate Together Secondary School that opened in Dublin in 2016. Claire outlined how Educate Together Ethical Education curriculum works in practice. 

"Ethical Education is very much about creating critical thinkers: young people who are capable of making their own decisions and of doing the right thing even when nobody's watching! It's an approach to education that empowers young people to be active citizens," she said.

Jennifer Buttner, Educate Together Regional Development Officer said the areas of Kilcock and Enfield badly need a new secondary school.

"I'm delighted to be working with local parents and supporters to make this an Educate Together," she said. "For the last few years Educate Together secondary schools have proved the most sought-after nationwide and our network is going from strength to strength.”

Ronan Moore, local Educate Together campaigner added: "I feel that it's important for children to have freedom of expression and thought, appreciation of other cultures and ethnicities and the courage to stand up for themselves and their beliefs. By voting for Educate Together in this survey I believe that the people of Enfield and Kilcock are making a statement that we are a welcoming and inclusive community that recognises how Ireland is changing and can offer choice in secondary school provision." 

Interested parents should visit www.educatetogether.ie to find out more about the Educate Together ethos at second level and for information on voting or follow the campaign on Facebook.