Councillors unhappy with redundant traffic lights in Clane


Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Councillors unhappy with redundant traffic lights in Clane


What was described as a long running “saga” over the redundant traffic lights at Brooklands is still not near an end.

At the Clane-Maynooth Muncipal District meeting on September 6, Councillors Daragh Fitzpatrick and Aidan Farrelly asked for a timetable for switching on the traffic lights at the junction of Brooklands Estate and Capdoo on the Celbridge Road coming into Clane and identify pedestrian safety at the junction.

Officials say the lights have not been taken in charge as they do not comply with required standards and that the matter hasbeen referred to the Planning Enforcement Section.

There were no proposals to carry out any works at this junction. “In the event of future development at this location the Roads, Transportation and Public Safety Department will recommend signalised works at the junction.”

Cllr Farrelly said the lives of children were at risk at the junction.

Cllr Padraig McEvoy said this was his eleventh year on the Council and the issues had been going on for that time.

Cllr McEvoy said would have been better if the County Council's logo was not on the light covers.

The lights did not meet safety standards but the Council needed a budget to remove them.

He hoped that the “saga” could be over when the new housing at Capdoo is complete.

There is a redesign of the junction proposed, Cllr McEvoy told the meeting.

Cllr Fitzpatrick said he was not happy with the situation.