Prosperous church celebrates 150 years


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Leinster Leader Reporter


Prosperous church celebrates 150 years

Prosperous church

The church in Prosperous is 150 years old this year and the local community is preparing to commemorate that anniversary.

On Sunday, October 6, Denis Nulty, Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin will say Mass at the church.

It is expected that several former priests, and the current clergy, will attend the Mass in the Church of Our Lady and St Joseph.

There will also be an exhibition of photographs and other memorabilia in the nearby Primary School on the day.

The church is a traditional gothic style of its time. Building was completed in 1869.

It replaced a smaller church built in the same location when the village was established in 1786.The building was extended in 1985, most notably the addition of a crying chapel.