New Kildare group to recognise companies that make efforts to go plastic free

Going Plastic Free will award commendations

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh


New Kildare group to recognise companies that make efforts to go plastic free

New group aims to recognise and reward companies that make efforts to go plastic free

A new organisation called Going Plastic Free was launched in Naas last week with the aim of eradicating single-use plastic from the community.

And it hopes to achieve this by recognising positive changes undertaken by businesses in the fight against plastics.  

The organisation will award commendations to businesses depending on the actions they have taken to reduce their usage of single-use plastics.
Going Plastic Free has established transparent criteria against which they can measure the degree of progress made by an individual business in the battle against plastics. And a company reaching the required criteria can be awarded a gold, silver or bronze commendation, with the gold certification being issued only after it has been verified that a business has successfully managed to become a single-use plastic-free zone. 

Global plastic consumption has increased from 5.5 million tonnes in the 1950’s to 110 million tonnes in 2009

Going Plastic Free seeks to encourage local businesses to change their models and move away from single-use plastics entirely.  
Speaking in advance of the launch, Going Plastic Free founder, the Green Party’s Cllr. Vincent Martin explained that it is a grassroots community response to the global scourge of plastic.  

“While central government clearly has the crucial lead role to play in eradicating single use plastic, local communities who are sick of plastic and are aware of how damaging it is are no longer prepared to wait on Government and are stepping up themselves to drive change.  

“Because business is responsible for the generation of so much of the single use plastic, this group will recognise, commend and share with consumers the good work being done by local businesses towards achieving a plastic free Kildare.”
Recipients of a Going Plastic Free commendation agree to ongoing consultation, monitoring and review.
“We believe that publicly commending businesses in this way will inspire other businesses and individuals. 

“We appreciate the vital role local businesses play in the creation of jobs and this is a platform for the community to recognise and make people aware of progress. We will not be going down the road of naming and shaming inaction, instead preferring to concentrate on reporting positive progress. 

“Our aim is to help move Naas towards being Ireland’s first town completely free of single-use plastics. Moves are already afloat to launch branches of the movement in other towns in Kildare.”