Bridge is an exciting game for all ages and a enjoyable hobby says local Newbridge group

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Leinster Leader Reporter


Leinster Leader Reporter


Bridge is an exciting game for all ages and a enjoyable hobby says local Newbridge group

7 No Trump Bridge Club in Newbridge

Now that the autumn is approaching, it’s a good time to begin planning what you’ll do for the year ahead.

After all, the new year really begins in September — when the children go back to school.

“Have you ever thought of learning bridge?” asks Laura Crowe from 7 No Trump Bridge Club.

“ ‘No,’ you say. ‘That’s only for old people’. How wrong you are. Bridge is a fascinating game, for all ages, available on your doorstep,” said Laura.

“You don’t need to be a mathematician or a card shark, as you can learn and play the game at your own pace.

“There are many parts to the game, which must be learnt slowly, but the rewards are great. After some basic lessons, you can dip your toe in the water at your local bridge club and/or play online.”

She outlines the many benefits, which include the social element of making new friends and sharing a common bond.

“All other problems are forgotten for those three or so hours,” she explains.

“Once you have had some lessons, and get out there, it generally costs an average of €5 for an evenings entertainment (or morning).”

She points out bridge is a great equaliser, as there are no physical or mental barriers. Pamela, a young French wheelchair user said: “When I play bridge, I forget my wheelchair. The difference is not there any more. Bridge brings me such joy.

“There is strategy, understanding and pleasure. It is more difficult to stop playing bridge, than to start.”

Laura said bridge stimulates the brain, which can maintain mental sharpness in older age. Research shows that ongoing mental engagement can lower the risk of dementia.

She stresses bridge is a game for life that can be played from 6 to 106 years old.

There are numerous clubs in Newbridge and Naas, and other parts of Kildare. Lessons will be starting in September in the Naas and Newbridge area.

7 No Trump Bridge Club meets every Friday at 7.30pm at Sarsfields GAA.

Give Laura a call if you would like to pop along. Log on to or for more information.