New mastectomy tattoo studio opens over salon in Newbridge

Retail Park: Specialising in mastectomy and areola tattooing

Kim O'Leary


Kim O'Leary


New mastectomy tattoo studio opens over salon in Newbridge

The new location at Newbridge Retail Park

Tuesday, 20 August, saw the launch of two combined local Newbridge businesses, Pelo Hairdressing and Aisling Mahon Tattoo, which will be located in Newbridge Retail Park.

It is run by two local women striving to create better standards for people going through cancer, alopecia and other illnesses.

Pelo Hairdressing specialises in wigs and t-partings for those with thinning hair. With a vast knowledge of scalp care, owner Denise Phillips has relaunched her original salon in its brand-new location creating the space from scratch, alongside a brand-new Dublin salon.

Aisling Mahon, specialising in mastectomy and areola tattooing, has also launched Ireland’s first mastectomy tattoo studio, named simply Aisling Mahon Tattoo. The space, located upstairs above Pelo, is dedicated to creating a welcoming, safe environment for women to come and get the highest of standard in reconstructive tattooing.

Aisling provides many services from decorative tattooing, areola tattooing to collagen induction therapy to help with all kinds of scars.

Aisling is also a well-established tattoo artist in the traditional sense of the word, and after seven years as a professional tattoo artist, her portfolio of traditional tattoos is wide and impressive.

Aisling said: “We’re opening in Newbridge Retail Park near Domino’s Pizza and Supervalu. We’re very excited, and we’ve got two members of staff and we’ll also have guest spots available for tattoo artists.

“About a year and a half ago I went over to Calgary in Canada to train under their leading mastectomy and areola tattoo artist and to become part of the ART team (Artistic Restorative Tattoo), which is a team of tattoo artists all over the world.

“When women come into me it’s very emotional, they’re a bundle of nerves at the start because it’s a sensitive procedure, but after the session is over their heads are lifted higher and they’re more confident.

“They feel empowered afterward and that makes me feel empowered,” said the tattoo artist.