Potentially hundreds of mining jobs for Kildare

Australian firm studying zinc deposit in Allenwood

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh



Potentially hundreds of mining jobs for Kildare

The zinc deposit is in Allenwood

An Australian company says that a deposit of zinc in Allenwood could lead to a viable mining operation in the area.

Zinc has previously been found in Tipperary and Laois, providing up to 600 jobs. 

The Perth based company, Zinc of Ireland, says it is advancing its flagship Kildare Project, which has similar characteristics to other zinc mines in Ireland.

It’s reported that there are an estimated 743,000 tonnes of zinc and 116,000 tonnes of lead in the deposit, which goes to a depth of 500 metres.

It is reported that Zinc of Ireland controls the entire deposit. The company is conducting initial testing and drilling at the moment.

There is a strong demand for zinc worldwide, and Ireland has the highest resource in the world, per square kilometre, of the substance. Zinc has multiples uses in industry and agriculture.

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