Top Leaving Cert marks for St Mary's College student, Sarah Freeley

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Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Top Leaving Cert marks for St Mary's College student, Sarah Freeley

Principal Rita McCabe with Sarah Freeley. Picture:Tony Keane

Sixth year student Sarah Freeley was excited beyond belief when she opened up her Leaving Cert results yesterday morning.

The St Mary's College student was ecstatic to learn she scored a maximum 625 points. 

"I am so thrilled. I can't believe it. I didn't think I would do that well," she said. 

Sarah plans to study medicine in UCD.

Principal Rita McCabe said: "We had no doubt that Sarah would get top marks. It's an amazing achievement and she is a great student."

Ms McCabe was hugely proud of all the students. 

Emer Clune said she was absolutely delighted with her results which will enable her to study Maths in UCD. 

Sophie Finn said the hard work definitely paid off and she hopes to study Law, while Amy Fleming said it was a long wait all summer to find out how they got on in the exams. She said she should have enough points for her preferred course - Business and Spanish in UCD.

"It was so worth the wait," she remarked.

Ms McCabe said three students got over 600 points, while over 60% of those who sat the exams at the Naas school notched up over 400 points. 

"We had twice the national average over 500 points, and did exceptionally well in particular subjects such as Biology (20 H1s), Honours English, and Chemistry. Every student, who studied music did honours level Music, and they all got an honour in it. We also had excellent results in Honours History. We had double the number of H1s in Honours Maths than we had last year," she said. 

With a curriculum of over 23 subjects, new additions this year included Agricultural Science, and Design and Communication Graphics (DCG).