High Court hears apology to Kildare firm

Man apologised to  Goffs for defamatory posts on social media

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter



High Court hears apology to Kildare firm

The case concluded before the High Court earlier today, Thursday, July 11

The owner of a horse sold in 2011 has apologised before the High Court to bloodstock sales firm Goffs for making "defamatory posts" on social media about the company.  

In a statement read before Ms Justice Leonie Reynolds on Thursday Mr James Carney apologised to the court about the posts he made arising out of the sale of a horse called Sensational Sema in 2011. 

Mr Carney accepted that the posts he made were without any basis, and he undertook not to repeat such conduct in the future, and withdrew complaints he made about Goffs and related entities to professional bodies including the British Horseracing Authority. 

Robert J. Goff and Co, Goffs Bloodstock Sales Ltd, Goffs UK Ltd, and the three firm's CEO Mr Henry Beeby brought High Court proceedings against Mr Carney claiming he had defamed it in posts on various social media platforms and indirect representations he has allegedly made to various bodies.

Goffs said the allegations are untrue, defamatory and damaging to its reputation and sought damages, to include aggravated damages, for defamation against Mr Carney of Main Street, Arklow, Co Wicklow. 

At the High Court on Thursday Rossa Fanning appearing with Gary Compton Bl, told Ms Justice Reynolds that the matter had been resolved between the parties on terms which counsel read to the court. 

It was agreed that the court could make certain orders including that Mr Carney takes down or delete all posts made by him on social media concerning the plaintiffs and the horse Sensational Sema where any wrongdoing is alleged. 

It was also agreed that Mr Carney would delete a certain account on Twitter, withdraw any complaints he had made to professional and regulatory bodies within the horse racing industry and not make any similar complaints concerning the plaintiffs in the future. 

Mr Carney's apology was read to the court by his counsel Neal Flynn Bl. 

The proceedings were adjourned by the judge with liberty to re-enter.