KILDARE PET RESCUE: Back to the wild

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Dan Donoher


Dan Donoher


KILDARE PET RESCUE: Back to the wild

Releasing birds and other wildlife back to their natural environment

We had a lovely week tlast week with some of our patients finishing their rehabilitation with us.

Its always rewarding when we see our dogs and cats go to new loving homes after they have had a bad start in life before coming to us. It is also great when we see our wildlife going free.

Three very lucky patients found their wings again in recent days after spending some time here at Kildare Animal Foundation.

The first off was a little house sparrow that came to us as a little nestling. She had barely any feathers and needed feeding every 30 minutes for 16 hours a day. That’s a lot of caring and minding from our team.

Once self-feeding, we gave her more room to fly and build up her flight muscles. She didn’t hesitate when we released her back to a colony of other house sparrows.

The second off was a swallow. He arrived some weeks before with an injured wing. He must have damaged it soon after migrating to Ireland from Africa.

We had to place a tiny bandage on his wing and do some physio to get him back on track, but once ready he took off like a bullet.

Our third patient to go free was our trickiest of them all. A long-eared owl had been found at the side of the road with a badly fractured wing.

He was seen by the lovely vets at Slaney vets in Baltinglass who looked after him with great care and helped mend his wing. Every two days our volunteers had to change the bandage and stretch the wing out to make sure it didn’t seize up.

We were then worried about the positioning of the wing, but we still worked away.

Once outside in an aviary and getting more exercise this corrected itself. We then sent him to a pre-release aviary to an even larger pen where he built up more flight muscle.

This release was very special to see. He took off with great easy and flew beautifully. It was rewarding for everyone involved and proved we do need to help our wildlife get back to the wild as much as possible.

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