KILDARE OPINION: The Leaving Cert is not the be all and end all


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Leader Reporter


KILDARE OPINION: The Leaving Cert is not the be all and end all

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It’s that time of year again — the dreaded Leaving Cert is just around the corner.

A recent survey done by found more than half of Leaving Certificate students have suffered a mental or physical health issue as a result of the exam cycle

The findings show that, for most students, anxiety is the chief issue (71%) while weight gain (47%); insomnia (35%); depression (28%) and weight loss (15%) have impacted negatively on young peoples’ health.

That’s alarming.

Social media is not helping that cause. Young people are looking at other people’s Snapchat or Instagram stories, and feeling under pressure to be spending every spare hours stuck in the books.

Young people who are sitting State exams should not forget to be out and active and give their minds a break.

There is so much pressure on students to get the top marks, and to get those 600 points to be able to get that college place.

But the reality is, college isn’t for everyone. Many very successful people in life did not go to college.

If you are hardworking and willing to graft, you will succeed in any job.

Apprenticeships, part-time courses and PLCs are all just as good as a degree, and sometimes more valuable as you get a taste of hard work. There are so many options out there for students.

Try your best, but don’t compare yourself to another student. Most importantly, just enjoy the experience. There is so much to look forward to after it’s all done and dusted!