KILDARE ANIMAL RESCUE: Huge effort to save friendly fox trapped in snare

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Dan Donoher


Dan Donoher


KILDARE ANIMAL RESCUE: Huge effort to save friendly fox trapped in snare

The fox

Another early Sunday afternoon phone call came in through our wildlife helpline the weekend before last.

A distressed caller was on the other end of the line, and breathed a sigh of relief when our volunteer answered. The concerned lady had tried so many numbers for help and very few people had answered her. The ones that did pick up the phone wouldn’t help her.

She started to explain about how her family have been feeding a fox around their holiday home for several years. The adult animal recently disappeared for several days.

When he did eventually turn up on that Sunday morning, she took one look at him and knew he was in trouble.

She could see the pain that he expressed in his little face. Around his stomach was a visible piece of wire.

The woman tried to get closer, and could get the most horrible smell of rotten flesh from the animal.

She knew there and then it was a snare. Rusty, as the family had gotten to know him over the years, had become snared as he roamed his territory. In the days that followed the snaring, he managed to break free from whatever it was attached to, and found his way back home for help.

The woman is based in County Clare. We contacted our friend and fellow wildlife rehabber Bev Truss for assistance.

Along with her National Parks and Wildlife Service ranger, they were able to humanely trap the fox and get him to a local vet.

They cut off the snare, which was digging right into him, and had caused a very large wound to develop all around the area.

Amazing team

The fox was then transferred to Botanic vets in Dublin. This amazing team cleaned up the animal’s wound, and dressed it each day for two weeks.

The nursing skills by the staff there are second to none. We couldn’t believe the fox’s daily progress. Rusty is now at the shelter recovering well, and will soon be released again.

So many people were involved in the rescue and care of one beautiful creature.

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