Safer crossing for pedestrians and cyclists to be provided on Naas road


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Safer crossing for pedestrians and cyclists to be provided on Naas road

The road leading from Caragh Court to Finlay Park

There are plans to upgrade services for pedestrians in the vicinity to two adjacent housing areas in Naas.

A section of the route near Caragh Court and Finlay Park is to be upgraded to a 6.5 metre (21 and a half feet) wide roadway, with provision for pedestrians and cyclists, public lighting and a toucan crossing (a signal crossing for pedestrians and cyclists).

According to Kildare County Council official Brian Martin, “arrangements and agreements” have been reached to acquire lands on Old Caragh Road to accommodate the works.He also said this work will be carried out in tandem with the further anticipated housing development at Finlay Park.

Darren Scully, one of a number of Naas politicians who are seeking road safety improvements in the area, said there is “major concern” because the work has not been done and he also claimed there is “no timeline” for the work. Three other councillors — Sorcha O’Neill, Carmel Kelly and Anne Breen also requested either traffic calming measures or a pedestrian crossing. “Several hundred houses have been built and there is lots of traffic on the Old Caragh Road,” Cllr Scully said, asking when the work will be done. He said that if delays occur it could take 12 months to do the work.

Cllr Scully told this month’s Naas Municipal District meeting that the situation for some people living in the area is “precarious”. He said lots of young children use the road and he asked if KCC had any plans to provide facilities for residents in the meantime. He added that there are plans for many more houses in the area and the residents need assurance that the work will be done.

KCC official Evelyn Wright said the council has been talking with the developer.