Call for temporary multi-storey car park to ease parking problems at Sallins rail station


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Call for temporary multi-storey car park to ease parking problems at Sallins rail station

Sallins Rail Station

Irish Rail said it is considering a temporary multi-storey car park as a possible solution to problems caused by the lack of parking spaces at Sallins train station. Similar structures are in place in a number of locations across Europe. These car parks need no foundations, are modular and pre-built as well as being removable and reusable.

The Green party’s County Kildare chair Vincent P Martin, who uses the station frequently, has put this forward as a solution to “the chronic shortage of car parking” for the time being. Mr Martin, a candidate in the Naas area in the forthcoming local elections, said that the lack of adequate car parking spaces at the station has caused many daily rail commuters to abandon using public transport — compelling them instead to spend countless more hours having to travel by car to work.

He has called on Irish Rail to install the temporary ‘park up’ ready-made multi-storey car parking facility, which is readily available for renting.

He said that installing a certified parking system which comes pre-built and becomes stable on the ground by its own weight is, subject to compliance with planning, a real, viable solution.

Mr Martin added it is assembled without foundation and once the temporary parking is no longer required, it can easily be removed with the area restored to it original condition.

He said the transport authorities have not taken adequate measures to deal with significant local population increase.

“Many train users have paid an annual parking fee for a facility which they can no longer use. Irish Rail should pay for the provision of this emergency and temporary additional parking.”

He added: “Kildare is the fastest growing commuter county in the country.”

Nevertheless he accepts Irish Rail has had to contend with years of underinvestment from government and “has been unable to cope with this crisis”.

Irish Rail spokesman Barry Kenny said this solution will be considered. “While we are working to expand Sallins car park, and are engaging with the council to progress this, I will forward this to our programme manager looking after car park expansion for his consideration. I’ll let you know when I receive his feedback,” he stated.