Public Naas lands won’t be given over for sports

Naas councillor believes the town should have a stadium

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Public Naas lands won’t be given over for sports

Naas councillor Seamie Moore

Undeveloped public land in Naas will not be considered for sports use.

Kildare County Council made this assessment concerning the land within the northwest quadrant, which is known locally as the “old sewerage farm” between Ploopluck and Osberstown, close to the canal.

Some Naas councillors, notably Seamie Moore and Darren Scully, have campaigned for more land to be made available for sports activities.

The northwest quadrant was the subject of a comprehensive development plan when Naas Town Council existed, although not all of the land has been developed.

According to Cllr Moore, some of it should be developed to build a municipal football stadium and urban regeneration funds could be used to develop a “modern county town park”.

Urban regeneration funding is targeted towards significant but underused areas in Ireland’s five cities and other large towns.

He said KCC has no immediate plans for housing development and it should be earmarked for the development of a stadium.

Cllr Moore said KCC is under pressure to provided facilities for sports but a town of Naas’s size “should have a municipal sports ground”.

He estimates that about 85 acres of land needs to be bought by the council to meet the needs of various sports clubs, many of which depend on short-term arrangements with landowners for playing and training spaces, adding that this has been done in Dublin. While KCC acknowledged that there is a need for additional sport and recreation facilities in Naas “the nature of the future use of the lands in the northwest quadrant has not been fully considered or decided upon.”

KCC's Peter Minnock said options to provide sports and recreation fields in the short and medium term are being examined.